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  • Bitumen modification use APAO
  • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
  • Sealing material use APAO
  • Polymer modification use APAO
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    Serving for the following industries, QIDA®APAO exhibits the advantages of APAO are shown as follows:

    As a bitumen modifier (waterproofing membranes, road pavement...), APAO shows:

    1. Excellent high temperature property;
    2. Good low temperature flexibility;
    3. Good water resistance;
    4. Good anti-oxidation and UV stability;
    5. Superior compatibility with nearly all kinds of asphalts;
    6. Good compatibility with SBS, EVA, EPDM, PE, IPP...

    The above all features allow APAO to be used in modified bitumen waterproofing membranes (APP, SBS, EPDM, EVA types of waterproofing membranes). Meanwhile, APAO also could be used for road pavement and maintenance. The prominent high temperature property endowsAPAO a wide application in regions of hot weather.


    About how APAO is used for bitumen modification
    Preparation of APAO modified asphalt

    Mix as usual at around 170±5°C(no need to use special equipments);
    Stop mixing when the modifer has been well dispersed (Around 1 -2hr).

    Bitumen modifier
    By-product APP
    Solubility in bitumen
    Good and quick solubility
    Normally with high moisture contents and solvent, dissolving time varies.
    Molecular weight is relatively high, dissolving time is long is not in powder; Powders tend to blocking.
    Mixing rate
    20-30%,homo and block APP copolymer are required together.
    Mixing equipment
    Normal mixer for bitumen
    Normal mixer for bitumen
    Mixer with shearing force
    No double bond, stable
    Similar to APAO, but APP usually contains catalyst residual, unexpectable aging happens
    With double bond,so aging and cross link tends to occur, which causes molecular weight and viscosity raise, hard to process.
    High temperature property
    Excellent, no flow or distortion when less than 60 °C
    Similar to APAO, but APP usually has no stable property
    Bad, distortion and precipitation occur when 50-60°C
    Low temperature property
    Similar to APAO, but APP usually has no stable property
    Anti aging property
    Good durability to UV and heat aging(~250°C)
    Similar to APAO, but APP usually has no stable property and contains impurity, so durability is not good.
    Bad durability to UV and heat aging(~250°C), tend to become tough.